Terminal Server Hosting

A Windows Terminal Server (also known as Remote Desktop Hosting or RDS) allows organizations to be free of onsite servers and work entirely from the internet either from their office through our Private Network solutions or remotely from virtually anywhere with internet access. Terminal Server Hosting gives businesses the flexibility of having enterprise level functionality and shared applications on a single system while not having to worry about managing the servers themselves while helping to secure data, increase remote Worker efficiency and simplify regulatory compliance.

Windows Terminal Server hosting (Remote Desktop Hosting) – Canada

Think about it as a complete remotely accessible desktop solution similar to the desktop or laptop you currently use in Windows 7. Your users simply open up a remote desktop client that is available free with all newer versions of Windows, Linux and Apple computers to connect to the primary server where they can work with applications such as Microsoft Office and Quickbooks and access the companies shared files and data. Because the Terminal server has a similar look and feel of a normal Windows 7 desktop there is no learning curve or loss of productivity. All Data and information remains on the server so there is no risk of personal computer failure.

Types of Applications That Can be Hosted on Terminal Server:

  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Office
  • Sharepoint Services
  • Quickbooks
  • Simply Accounting
  • Printers
  • Your companies custom application

Office Network to Private Terminal Server Network:

Office network to private terminal server network allows your company to connect securely through a site-to-site VPN from your corporate network to the terminal server, ensuring that all your data being transmitted is encrypted over industry standard VPN technologies such as 3DES and IPSEC. Read more ..

Remote Worker to Private Terminal Server Network:

Remote worker to private terminal server network allows your remote and travelling workers to connect securely through an easy to use VPN software to your terminal server from virtually any internet enabled location anytime, ensuring that all their data is being transmitted is encrypted over industry standard VPN technologies such as SSL. Read more ..

RemoteApp and File Sharing:

Access your terminal server applications and file shares through the Terminal Server Web Access portal.  Utilizing SSL encryption security you can launch accounting applications, shares, applications, database applications from any computer running Windows 7 or later and Internet explorer!


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