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What is Cloud Hosting?

In recent years the buzz around Cloud hosting has become prevalent in daily technology lingo. Often times you may have already been using the cloud without even knowing it by visiting a website or even with your day to day online transactions. The cloud has been associated with innovation, stability and flexibility. Almost everything related to online commerce, applications and stability are now touting “the cloud” as a way to market their services as being more reliable and accessible. Major industry players such as Microsoft have spent large sums of advertising time and efforts to bring the cloud concept into main stream markets and mindsets along with its benefits and existence.   So you’ve hear all the talk and marketing about how great the cloud is but the questions still remains what is the cloud? And why exactly do you need to be in the cloud?   What is The Cloud? The most basic explanation of the cloud is a group of servers and applications on the internet where its sole purpose is to deliver services using the resources of the servers. The word cloud originated in the 90’s when a cloud symbol was used to represent a complex infrastructure within a system diagram (meaning it had way too many components to draw them all out so it was depicted simply as just a cloud).   These days when you hear about cloud in regards to hosting it is very much the same concept where a service provider has a large group of pooled server resources for the purpose of renting out portions of its resources as needed to its clients.   How Can You Use The Cloud? So what can you use the cloud for? And how flexible is it?   Using Cloud servers for hosting is the most…

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