Private VPN Network

Completely private and completely secure VPN server hosting solution. Utilizing industry leading IPSEC and SSL VPN technologies Hostingshield’s private network for dedicated server hosting solutions give you absolute security while still maintaining usability and functionality. Hosting of any types of servers such as Windows Terminal Server or Linux dedicated server your private network establishes an encrypted “tunnel” securing all traffic and communications from your office and to your remote workers.

Private Network VPN Hosting in Canada

With Hostingshield your managed/dedicated server and VPN are all hosted in Canada Using industry standard protocols and encryption such as IPSEC and SSL, you can rest assured your communication and data are safe and secure. Clients can choose from industry leading technologies such as Hostingshield’s Managed VPN gateway, OpenVPN or their own dedicated Cisco router or ASA (Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance).

Network to Hosting Network VPN:
Network to hosting network VPN allows clients to have a direct and permanent VPN connection from their corporate office or remote office into your private hosting network where your servers are hosted, guaranteeing them secure and encrypted communications when accessing all your server resources.

Client to Hosting Network VPN:
Client to hosting network VPN allows for clients and users who are on the road to securely and easily connect to the cloud to access resources and applications.

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