Load Balanced Managed Hosting

Load balancing enables your website to eliminate having a single point of failure ensuring that your web services and applications are available to you and your customers. Safeguarding and managing potential server overloads and application/server downtime are essential in providing a transparent and “always available” seamless hosting environment at an enterprise level is key to the success of any business.

Managed Server Load Balancing for Hosting

Improving the reliability and availability of your applications with Managed Load Balancing Services and solutions can help you achieve a high level of availability for your applications. Hostingshield’s expert staff can help you achieve this goal through our services, reliability and support.

Types of Load Balancing Solutions Available

there are many types of load balancing types available, depending on your hosting and application requirements one option might be more beneficial then the others. At hostingshield we will work with you to choose the best type of load balancing solution that suites your needs. below are some examples of the types of load balancing available, more complex and custom options are available on demand.

Round Robin Load Balancing:
Round Robin load balancing is the simplest form of load balancing where the load balancer will simply send one connection per server approach to distribute the traffic evenly.

Weighted Load Balancing:
Weighted load balancing enables the load balancer to distribute the traffic going to the servers based on the servers performance. For example if you have one server more powerful then the other you can put a lower weight on the slower server, thus sending it less traffic.

Server Active/Backup Load Balancing:
An Active/Backup isn’t really load balancing but it allows for one server your “Primary” to take all the connections until it is taken offline, the second “Backup” server will then start take over as the primary traffic destination.

Stateful Load Balancing:
Stateful load balancing allows a the client connections to always go back to the original server the load balancer first connected them to. This is needed when doing applications such as e-commerce transactions.

Custom Solutions Load Balancing:
Hostingshield can work with you to find the perfect load balancing solution with our Hostingshield Managed Load Balancing solutions or a dedicated and custom solution to meet your needs.

For more information or a custom hosting quote please contact us at 1-877-970-HOST(4678) or with our web form  to connect with one of our hosting solution specialists, who can work with you on a hosting solution thats matches your needs.

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