Canada Cloud Hosting Solutions

At Hositngshield Canada we provide you with the cloud hosting solutions you need to be successful online. Providing your organization with unparalleled stable business grade cloud computing solutions. Leverage our suite of proven cost effective business solutions to deliver outstanding results to your bottom line while still receiving award winning 24/7 Enterprise level redundant service and support.


What is Cloud Hosting and Its Benefits?

The Cloud is the new evolution of the internet and hosting services where you utilize groups of pooled server resources as needed instead of a single server. the Cloud is scalable, flexible and stable, based on a “use what you need and scale up as you grow” model. It allows companies and people to access everything from hosting websites, computing power, business applications to personal and business collaboration. The Cloud is delivered to you as a service 24x7x365 from virtually any internet enabled location and whenever/whenever you need it.


Cloud Hosting Services in Vancouver Canada.

Hostingshield’s Cloud hosting services are located in Vancouver British Columbia Canada in a state-of-the-art SAS70 type II datacenter facility.

Website Hosting:

For customers that need dedicated resources and stable hosting with the ability to scale and easily increase capacity as their websites grow.

Secure Web and E-Commerce Hosting:

Secure Web hosting, websites and e-commerce allowing companies to do secure business transactions online.

Cloud Desktop and Terminal Services:

Windows Terminal Server and Remote Desktop Hosting services (RDS). Allows for remote access to a hosted desktop and work environment with shared applications and resources on a single system.

Business Communications and Collaboration:

Business collaboration from anywhere and anytime with applications such as Sharepoint, Exchange Server hosting.

Private Cloud Network:

Private Corporate network and Client/User VPN to Cloud Hosting access solutions with easy to use tools.

For more information or a custom hosting quote please contact us at 1-877-970-HOST(4678) or with our web form  to connect with one of our hosting solution specialists, who can work with you on a hosting solution thats matches your needs.

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What is Cloud Hosting?

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