Private Cloud Network and Services

Small and Medium Sized Businesses, are increasingly looking for opportunities to eliminate capital expenditures in favour of predictable monthly revenues and infrastructures that provide a level of guaranteed uptime that their businesses expect in order to operate. In the past this would require an onsite server with a mix of remote VPN capabilities and support costs involved. Over the last decade and with recent breakthroughs in technology and infrastructure these businesses are now able to transition from this once very common onsite server setup entirely to the cloud virtually eliminating the need to have huge upfront capital expenditures, liabilities and ongoing support costs associated with these infrastructures.

Utilizing Private Cloud Networks and Services, companies are now able to 100% outsource your It expenditures to a Canadian data centre or hosting provider while still maintaining security and transparency to the end user. These services generally include Microsoft Exchange server, Terminal server (Remote Desktop Services), SQL Servers, Sharepoint Servers, Office Applications, accounting applications and much more.


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What is Cloud Hosting?

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